We are now offering 1to1 training sessions covering camera controls, approach, techniques, storing and processing of your images. We can cover any topic you need to brush up on or try for the first time with current training covering Garden birds, Landscapes, Seascapes, Waterfalls and Photoshop techniques.

Garden birds

At this time of the year we see many more birds in our garden and will marvel at the fabulous pictures others seem to get of our feathered friends.. but we can’t replicate them because we “don’t have the right equipment”  we “don’t understand the technical side of cameras needed to do that” we “can’t get close enough to them in our garden”  “ it’s done with computer trickery that I don’t understand”  well that’s where we can help.

During  your session you  will have access to our purpose built hide here in the Blackdown Hills where we have a good variety of birds already visiting well stocked feeders, baited woodpecker post and our reflection pool. In our hide we will get close to the birds so any lens with an effective length of 200mm or more is all that is required.

Your session can be built around YOUR needs  allowing you to learn at a pace that suits you but can include:

“classroom”  time to learn the use of your camera and its controls

Hide time to collect a set of images

Computer time to learn how to store and manipulate your images to get the best from them.

The sessions are built around your requirements but start at £65 which includes 2 hours tuition and 2 hours hide time


Landscape and outdoor photography

Many of us buy or are given new digital cameras and quickly discover that they are full to bursting with amazing features to “help” us with our photography but find it nearly impossible to navigate the manual let alone choose how to use it in any real life situation. The result is that most new camera users simply choose one of the fully automatic settings and get on with it!!


Modern digital cameras will work adequately at these settings but if you want to produce images that are more than a small step up from your mobile phone you may need a little help!

Whether you want better family pictures, more interesting holiday images or some pictures to stun your family and friends we can help… with a tailor made 1to1 training session covering all the techniques you will need delivered at a pace you can follow and without the need for baffling and completely forgettable  jargon!

Your course will cover the things you need to improve your skills and results and can include:



                                                                                                     correct camera use, settings and file formats


Understanding Shutter speeds and Aperture and what difference they make


1to1 time on location with your camera


Other essential equipment


Shooting techniques


Storing and using your images


preparing for social media and email


      Photoshop skills



As a guide our sessions start from £65 for a four hour session including 2 hours photography and 2 hours "classroom" based but can be tailored to suit your needs so please give us a call and see how we can help!

Call 01460 234674 and speak to Mike or Wendy




Image Manipulation

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Elan valley, WalesElan valley, Wales                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Modern software is a baffling minefield for the beginner and I have found that many photographers although they have excellent facilities they are not being used effectively as they just can't find their way around the tools available. So why not let me help you with a tailor made session to get you off to a flying start or address whatever issues you are having so that you can make the best of your images and  the software you have.

sessions can be booked as 2 hour blocks from just £40